VIDEO: Active Track - moderní obchůzkový systém

With this modern patrol system, you will be aware of what is happening 24/7.

Active Track is a patrol rounds system upgraded by the D.I.SEVEN security agency. It differs from other used patrol systems in that the sensors communicate directly with the PCO controlling and the operator thus has a real-time overview of the course of the physical security service at the building.

Such a patrol rounds system is offered only by our security agency which places great emphasis on improving their services. When developing this system, we looked at all the details.

Even physical security together with the Active Track patrol rounds system can be utilized as a facultative compensation.

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Active Track - obchůzkový systém


What is a patrol system?

There will be checkpoints at the premises of the building that the security guards must bypass with their electronic device in the given order and time. It monitors their activity and records the given position and time of loading. The evaluation is done immediately. The result is a list of patrol rounds, clearly displayed according to the correctness of execution.

Safety ensured under all circumstances

The security guard has a device with them that communicates 24/7 in real time directly with the PCO of D.I.SEVEN. This centralized security desk  that we developed is one of the most modern ones in Europe.

The employee can thus send an alarm signal to the PCO at the touch of a single button. A trained PCO operator may then communicate with the employee via the device, start a silent eavesdropping (which the guard is not able to influence), contact other physical security staff, contact the appropriate facility manager and, if necessary, call the rescue unit, the Police of the Czech Republic or other units of the Integrated Rescue System.

Thanks to the built-in GPS receiver, we know the exact location of each of our employees and we can send them help exactly at the place of their whereabouts.


With Active Track, our entire team has each guard´s back

Thanks to the constant connection with the PCO, security guards can be in contact with trained operators, the facility manager, other guards, the rescue unit, and other units of the Integrated Rescue System. Thanks to the MANDOWN function, the device is also able to save human lives and enable timely provision of help.

  • Alarm by pressing one button– when the button is pressed, alarm is sent to the PCO, the operator can then trigger a two-way monitoring by initiating the call, i.e., without the possibility to influence the call by the guard
  • MANDOWN– the device detects the fall or “lying” position of the guard if this person became unconscious. In case the device does not detect movement after 2 minutes it creates an audible signal, and if the guard still does not respond the event is communicated to the PCO and the operator follows their instruction.



Another advantage of the Active Track system is that it provides perfect reporting and offers the possibility of sending statements from patrol rounds and arrivals of guards in a predefined format to clients and facility managers. You have an actual overview of whether the building is guarded according to the agreed procedure. The PCO is thus able to record and resolve deviations from the normal procedures of guards during their shifts.

  • Timely shift starts of our guards– each guard is equipped with a personal chip which must be loaded to a device at the start of their shift, if they do not do so within the specified time, the operator registers an alarm event in the PCO
  • Start and end of the patrol– as with the shift starts, if the patrol is not started within the specified time range, the device sends this information to the PCO and they immediately examine the cause with the security guard, or take other necessary steps
  • Fulfilment of all patrol checkpoints– it is possible to monitor potential omission of patrol checkpoints
  • GPS location of the security guard – each sensor constantly sends its GPS location, which can be checked by the PCO and displayed on the map
  • Vigilance of the security guard – within a specified period, each guard is obliged to log into the device with their chip.


The Active Track sensor has a built-in GPS receiver and a four-band GSM/GPRS module with a telephone function for two-way communication. The operator thus has a complete overview of the individual guards. The sensor transmits all information directly to the PCO monitoring console where it is processed as incoming alarm or technical messages. The operator reacts to them as to messages from a common building connected to electronic security systems. It can monitor the guard´s procedures during their service, or they can provide assistance by contacting other competent persons, calling the rescue unit, the Police of the Czech Republic, etc.

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