Monitoring services of the central (centralized) security desk (ARC) of D.I.SEVEN, or connection to ARC, is based on signal transmission from electric systems (standardly EZS, EPS), which constantly monitor the watched buildings. Connection to the ARC and information transmission takes place in the form of transferring data through digital communication formats, which enable the transmission of the full range of events generated by the monitoring systems, or by transmitting status signals, or using a combination of both. The data/information obtained from the monitoring systems is transmitted to the ARC Monitoring Center, where it is evaluated. If a situation deviation is found in the monitored building, it initiates a contractually agreed reaction (send a mobile patrol, hand over the information to a service organization, or hand over the information to the police and designated persons).

The Alarm receiving centre ARC service and connection to the ARC can be provided anywhere in the Czech Republic, under the condition of availability of the chosen transmission path.

  • Inosculation by the help of GSM

  • Connection through JTS (analog phone line) 

    Data transfer within the Alarm receiving centre can also be provided by connecting the line of a single telephone network. 
    To be able to transmit the client must have a functional analog line with the possibility of dialing subscriber numbers with a so-called different tarification, because we use the service Datarif 976 for data transmission. This is a single virtual national number, whose property is routing without any intervention in the client's system, especially in cases of a forced change of the ARC Monitoring Center's residence (natural catastrophes - floods, etc.). An indisputable advantage is call pricing by the second. If the connection through JTS between the client's building and the ARC Monitoring Center lasts about 30-40 seconds, the client is not charged for a full minute. These features lead to reduced costs of communication of monitored buildings of our clients by 50% in comparison to standard tariffs, always depending on the volume of transmitted messages.

  • Connection to the ARC - remote internet access

    For the needs of D17 clients we contractually provide sophisticated access into the Alarm receiving centre database - "MyARC." This application service is a solution, which enables clients of our company to access current event listings recorded by the Monitoring Center through the internet 24 hours a day. The communication takes place in a secure SSL protocol. The service is accessible via most standard internet browsers, and it allows an instant overview of the state of the monitored buildings throughout the whole country. It also serves as a tool for checking the quality of the Alarm receiving centre (ARC) services.

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