46th Karlovy Vary IFF

At present preparations are culminating for the 46th year of one of the most prestigious cultural events in the Czech Republic; the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. The festival will begin on 7/1/2011, and it will continue till 7/9/2011.

This important cultural event of world renown cannot do without thorough preparation and organization. Our company, D.I.SEVEN, a.s., participates in these preparations, and organization, and we have been providing them with organization and security services for seven years. Our company's task is security of the whole event, and organization, together with servicing festival guests and participants.

Our priority is a smooth course of the festival in the areas of security of all participants, public order, and property and equipment protection. Our employees are prepared to deal with critical situations, and demanding requirements of our clients. D. I. SEVEN, a.s. hopes for a peaceful and successful course of the Karlovy Vary IFF, and wishes all visitors a fantastic cultural experience.


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