The patrol system run by D.I.SEVEN, a.s. is a unique system for surveillance of your guards. The patrol system is unique, because it records the patrol in real-time. You don't have to watch individual patrols anymore; our system will do it for you online! The online patrol terminal PT 200 serves to identify the patrols of the guards, who are carrying out regular patrols of the guarded building.

Control points of the guarded building are marked with identification chips, which the guard contactlessly loads through the patrol terminal PT 200, and thus records the date and time of the patrol of guarded building's control points. All records are automatically sent via GPRS to the server.

The system compares each digital place and time notation to the patrol plan, which is individually configured by the user. If the patrol does not match the plan, the given contact people are immediately notified by an e-mail or sms message. This allows us to immediately resolve the situation.

Securedata and the patrol system - patrol system

The number of records in the patrol system is unlimited, because the patrol system sends data to the server in regular intervals. The patrol system and its readers will not lose any data even if the sensor chip is damaged, or the GPRS signal fails.

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