During the implementation of each individual order D.I.SEVEN, a.s. uses a number of system precautions that are interlinked and mutually overlap, in order to ensure the agreed quality of the provided services.

Guaranteesof quality

Perfect reporting for you and the manager of the building. Thanks to the receipt of security reports, you will always have a clear overview of the patrols and a full knowledge of whether it is executed according to the agreed processes. In addition, ARC also records and solves any deviations from the usual guard’s progress in real time

  • Quality guarantee
  • Regular trainings
  • ISO certification
  • Insurance up to 150 000 000 CZK
  • Nonstop customer care
  • Our own modern ARC
  • Active Track system


At D.I.SEVEN, a.s. we are aware that the services we provide, especially security services, are usually required by clients, who seek to ensure their property or cash during transport. In the course of these activities accidental losses may occur (robberies, etc.). Therefore, our company is insured against such damage to clients at the Kooperativa insurance company, for up to the amount of 150 million CZK.

Quality assurance of provided services

CSN EN ISO 9001:2016 certificate, Quality Management System, and the CSN EN ISO 14001: 2016 certificate, Environmental Management System in the field:

  • Function of private security agencies
    - Providing physical protection
  • Functions related to the operation of security systems - Operation of Alarm receiving centre.
    - Operation of Alarm receiving centre
  • General cleaning of buildings

Fulfillment of the conditions associated with the issue of the certificates is regularly verified in our company by certification authorities, who are accredited by the Czech Institute for Accreditation, o.p.s.

Ourmain system precautions

  • Performing a quality security survey before carrying out the order
  • Processing all the documentation that helps the security staff to a flawless performance of service.
  • Regular supervision of the direct performance of services by responsible employees of the regional headquarters
  • Independent internal quality audits, which examine the agreed standards of the service delivery for the entire spectrum of provided services
  • Periodic safety audits responding to the current security situation of the given customer
  • Using the most modern technical inspectional means for objective monitoring of activities performed
  • Regular communication with customers both through personal contacts, and through regular monthly reports on performed activities.

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