Ostraha objektůWe provide physical security of buildings and property, and physical security of persons; so-called personal protection - we therefore provide complete protection of persons and property.

Physicalsecurity of buildings and property

We provide external and internal physical security of buildings and property. The services are carried out according to a carefully designed object guideline. The physical security of buildings and protection of property will guarantee the safety of your house from unwanted intrusion into the house, theft, or destruction of property. The security guards safeguard the entrance of the building, and regularly check the entrance and exit of cars to and from the building, including keeping a record in the book of arrivals and departures. The security of the building and the protection of property are also ensured by regular sentry-gos of the security guards, who are monitored by a chip system. The chip system report is regularly submitted to the client. If the client requests it, dog handlers with dogs trained for this purpose can provide night watch.

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