7 Reasons why D.I.SEVEN

Countrywide coverage

We operate throughout the entire Czech Republic with our own local representation in each region, to which you can always appeal whenever needed.

We support those in need

We are supporting those who don’t have it easy in life – with a sum exceeding 5 600 000 Czech crowns a year.

With us, there’s no more worries for you

Focus on your main activity. By using our services, you no longer have to take care of the personnel agenda, OHS management, training and certification, insurance, sick pay etc.

Our own ARC

We have built our own alarm response centre, which is one of the most modern centres in Europe.

Regular and happy clients

Our services are used by more than six hundred clients, such as Globus, Sapeli or Cinestar. We ensure safety at such prestigious events as is for example the International Movie Festival Karlovy Vary, Rock for People music festival or MotoGP in Brno.

Insurance and certification

We are insured against the damage to the client to the amount of 150 000 000 Czech crowns. We hold ISO certification 9001:2016 and 14001:2016.

Active Track protects you and your employees

Only with our patrolling system Active Track you have the possibility to monitor the progress of the physical security in real time. As such, you can always validate whether the object is guarded according to the contractual agreement.

Our services

Security Agency D.I.SEVEN

D.I.SEVEN appeared on the Czech market in 1995. Today, we are a big company with more than 2000 professionals, whose services are used by more than 600 clients.

We have built our own ARC, which is one of the most advanced alarm response centres of its kind in Europe, and we offer professional cleaning and security services throughout the Czech Republic. We can also provide our clients with facility and property management services of buildings or various premises, including energy consultant services.

In addition, we are also providing both companies and the state government with services such as personal or property security or the physical security of buildings or property. Our clients also appreciate our organizing services and our ability to ensure safety at various types of events. Through our subsidiary company we are also able to provide you with complementary fulfilment.


VIDEO: We secure events such as KVIFF.

We would like to thank D.I.SEVEN
for their financial contribution
to the purchasing of feedstuff, veterinary checks,
dog microchipping and other operational activities.

Karel Stehlík, Domov fauny s.r.o.


We are supporting those in need with a sum of 4 600 000 CZK per year.

Helping children

seeing children happy is the best reward to our entire company

People with disabilities

we help people with disabilities with more than just their position at the job market

Animal Shelters

we are supporting organizations Domov Fauna and Ochrana fauny ČR


we are supporting athletes and rejoicing in their achievements

Find out more about the support »


VIDEO: Our Promotional Video

Security agency D.I.SEVEN

We are a renowned security and cleaning agency that provides physical personal and property security, remote surveillance and cleaning services. Thanks to our own alarm response centre (ARC) we are able to protect your property 24/7.

In a promotional video of the company D.I.SEVEN, which exists in the Czech Republic since 1995, you can see our professionals in action. Since then, we have gained a lot of experience and are proud to have more than six hundred satisfied clients. We provide services on a regular basis to the International Movie Festival in Karlovy Vary, music festival Rock for People or a sports event MotoGP in Brno.

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VIDEO: Remote surveillance in real-life experience


Remote surveillance presents an efficient and modern means of securing a property. Experienced ARC operators constantly evaluate data received from the monitoring systems and if the need arises are ready to promptly react according to the contractual agreements. Thanks to the connection to the alarm response centre, your company or house will be under ongoing surveillance.

We are able to monitor your building 24 hours a day thanks to the security systems which are connected to our own alarm response centre. You can use this service in order to satisfy your complementary fulfilment and save on the fee to the state. We have created web pages for your convenience which are specifically dedicated to our alarm response centre.

Go to special ARC site »

About our security agency D.I.SEVEN

D.I.SEVEN group – 3 companies with a turnover exceeding 634 mil. Czech crowns.


Complex facility and property management. We manage and maintain property with the aim of optimizing your costs and ensuring an effective run and maintenance of your building. We specialize in providing complementary fulfilment.


Professional provider of security and cleaning services. We supply physical security, remote surveillance and organizing services. We clean companies, offices, industrial buildings etc.


MANDATORY RATION for OHS: Companies with more than 25 employees

You can meet the mandatory ratio in one of the three following ways or their combination.

By employing 4% of OHS

By using services in compensation for one person with a disability:

 7 x 28 761 CZK = 201 327 CZK

By paying a fee to the state for one disabled person:

2,5 x 28 761 CZK = 71 902 CZK


What is complementary fulfilment?

Complementary fulfilment is an ideal means of satisfying the mandatory ratio with regards to employment of OHS that is obligatory to all private or state subjects with more than 25 employees. Alternative fulfilment can be carried out in cooperation with a company that employs more than 50% of people with disabilities.

Complementary fulfilment with D.I.SEVEN

For the alternative fulfilment of the mandatory ratio we recommend the services of our subsidiary company D.I.SEVEN FACILITY s.r.o., which specializes in providing complex maintenance and cleaning services of buildings. It has rich experience in employing people with disabilities and their share of OHS exceeds fifty percent, which is the legal condition required for providing complementary fulfilment.

Contact us!

ARC Contacts (monitoring center)

Dear clients,
ARC operators receive your requests on the numbers:

318 404 345
602 179 721

You may call 24 hours a day.

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