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Clean and representative ambience

Cleaning to a professional standard requires not only the appropriate cleaning tools, but above all properly trained staff and experienced workers who can deal with the mess in the office space. Professional office cleaning requires quality cleaning materials and tools that are made with respect for the environment.

Don't let just anyone clean your office building. Choose the cleaning services of D.I.SEVEN and you will always be fully satisfied.

Professionaltools and equipment

At our agency you will not encounter classic "rags" when cleaning, everything is solved with microfibres, each designed for a different surface and a different cleaning method, as it is evident from their colour differentiation


Also, professional chemical cleaning products have a completely different composition than those you find on the shelves of drugstores. In particular, they differ in their higher concentration, thanks to which costs can be saved significantly when cleaning large areas and spaces within office buildings. These products are made with regard to the environment, as well.

Fixedrules for cleaning 

  • A professional cleaner must know the exact cleaning procedures for a number of specific areas such as offices, toilets, common areas, etc., and use appropriate products and tools.
  • An internationally accepted standard of colour differentiation is used to distinguish between them. For example, red tools and equipment (buckets, microfibres, chemicals, etc.) are used in toilets, yellow in washrooms, green in the kitchen and blue for office cleaning.
  • Office cleaning within our service has strict rules. For example, only loose surfaces on office desks are wiped. None of our employees is allowed to wipe with a duster items placed on the desk.
  • This is in order not to disturb the workplace. That's why it's always better to tidy up your work areas before office cleaning. If the desk is full of documents, photo frames or decorations, the cleaners cannot completely remove the dust from the work surfaces and clean the stains.

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