VIDEO: How does ARC work?

Remote monitoring using ARC

The ARC operators take turns in the monitoring centre in shifts of continuous ARC operation. They closely monitor the guarded zones monitored by connecting the ARC to security sensors, a camera system or EZS Videofied. They constantly evaluate the data sent to the ARC. If there is a deviation from the normal, the operators react immediately according to the agreed contract, e.g., by sending the ARC rescue unit, they inform the contact persons or the Police of the Czech Republic.

  • Thanks to the recordings from the security cameras, strategically placed in the guarded area, the ARC can continuously monitor the premises, 24 hours a day nonstop, and thus prevent any attempts to disable the device. 
  • Our operators work in shifts in the monitoring centre and work with immediate response to prevent the occurrence of burglary, theft, property damage and other criminal acts.
  • Any invasion into the building is promptly reported to the contact persons according to the contractual requirements, and also to the Police of the Czech Republic exactly according to the instructions of the contracting authority. Our aim is to prevent any damage.


Our centralized security desk receives information and data via digital communication formats from security systems that monitor the customer´s guarded building.

What can be connected to the ARC:

  • electronic security systems (EZS)
  • electronic fire alarm (EPS)
  • security cameras (CCTV) which transmit real-time sharp images of the monitored area
  • video verification (EZS Videofied)

The prerequisite for connection to the ARC is:

  • the availability of the transmission path for transferring the data and information obtained from monitoring systems

The transmitted information is evaluated by the operators of the monitoring centre who act immediately.


D.I.SEVEN´S own multimedia monitoring and alarm reception centre receives monitored data and information on the status of alarm systems. Let us take a closer look at how sophisticated this remote monitoring security system is.


Securing buildings begins with the division of space into monitored sections. Detection devices (EZS, EPS) are strategically located in these zones.


At the same time, captured recordings are transmitted to the monitoring centre, where ARC operators guard the secured building 24 hours a day in shifts.


Monitoring guarded buildings using continuous ARC monitoring helps to a large extent to catch the perpetrator. 


For example, when moving, these devices will activate together with the nearest installed security camera which will immediately start recording the scene of unexpected events.


The operators respond in accordance with the contractual provisions, for example by immediately sending the ARC, rescue unit, contacting the owner or administrator of the building, or by calling the Police of the Czech Republic.

Why choose the ARC?

  • The centralized security desk is operated by trained operators at the workplace of permanent supervision, or in the multimedia monitoring centre (MDC)
  • MDC is in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • The utmost modern technologies EZS Videofied increase the efficiency of unwanted motion detection
  • The ARC employees evaluate recordings in real time and are able to respond immediately to emergencies and act according to the contractual agreement, e.g., by sending the rescue unit, contacting the client, disabling an unwelcome visitor and calling the Police of the Czech Republic.

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