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It is our highest priority to continuously improve and innovate our security technologies. We are aware that human factor – and therefore well-trained personnel – is absolutely paramount in our industry. We, however, do not stop there, as we exploit the latest technological breakthroughs and innovations, in order to enable our associates to work more effectively, safely and accurately. 

As mentioned prior, no technology can ever replace fully trained personnel and as a result, D.I.SEVEN´s top priority is to be attentive and supportive of its associates. We regularly provide thorough trainings, as it is only the fully educated and trained staff that is able to use the latest technologies to their full extent. Due to our modern and unique technologies and equipment, we are in permanent contact with our associates and can thus take care of their safety by providing them an immediate assistance whenever needed.

AlarmResponse Center

Protects your property 24/7

One of our basic services is a remote surveillance of premises which is secured via our own Alarm Response Centre (ARC). Our ARC   is one of the most modern ones in Europe and it provides professional services all over the Czech Republic.

We are able to deploy our security technologies to their full extent, due to our own Alarm Response Centre.

Our fully trained operators at the ARC continuously evaluate data incoming from the security equipment and they act immediately, in case of any deviation from normal. The remote monitoring system in combination with fully trained personnel will protect your property 24/7.

Securitysystems and technologies

We introduce and further develop modern technologies that complement, support and protect associates when providing physical security of property. Security systems assist with protecting your property and simplify communication processes between the premises, security guard and our agency or emergency services. The security systems thus enable swifter reaction in case of need.

Monitoring of premises

Our main technological tool is our own Alarm Response Center (ARC).

  • EFS – electronic fire signalisation
  • ESS – electronic security system; detects unauthorised entry or an attempt for unauthorised entry onto the premises.
  • CCTV – modern surveillance system, in order to monitor the guarded premises
  • Videofied – In case of security breach, this modern system makes a short , all this in combination with ESS.

Patrolling systems – application vs. active devices

In order to maximise the security of your premises and safety of our associates, we use electronic patrolling systems that our agency itself develops and further optimises.

There are two basic variations of these systems:

  • Touch Guard – An application (SW) that runs on a mobile device such as a mobile phone or tablet, requiring online connection to the ARC
  • Active Track – – A full-scale electronic device. The technology behind this system works in such a way that sensors directly communicate with the ARC.  This is the major difference from other patrolling systems that are generally used – the technology and sensors communicate with ARC and as a result, an operator has a real-time overview of the physical security on the respective premises.>

Video dispatching

We are able to provide permanent surveillance along with the ESS. Due to the deployed cameras and their direct online connection to the ARC, an operator from the ARC has a real-time overview of what is going on in the respective object or premises.


Elektronická vrátnice

Electronic gatehouse system

Electronic gatehouse - A result of our innovative attitude is a unique information system that digitalises important documents kept in a paper form and that allows for the work processes at the receptions and gatehouses to be performed in a neater manner.

The system is primarily designated to support the physical security of possessions, premises and their entrances.

Entrancesystems and technologies

Entrance systems

The purpose of the entrance systems is to partly automate entrances onto the premises. Even in this case, we do recommend to combine the system with a guard being physically present in the gatehouse. The guard is able to handle situations that no technology is able to. An unauthorised entry, unusual situations, handing out keys or communication with rescue services are just a few examples to mention.

Controlled access

Controlled access – Entrance of personnel and registration system

The entrances can be equipped with this hardware:

Tourniquet – To control entrances of personnel onto premises with restricted access. The side covers are extended to enable the fitting of reading devices.

Barrier – Divides the respective spaces and enables access to specific groups of personnel.

Reader – Used to screen documents that contain a code detectable by the machine.

ID Card – Identifies personnel that enters the premises. Personal data are saved on it.


The technologies enable to correctly perform the controlling processes and provide perfect reporting documentation for a client and premises manager.

Humanand technologies in the future

Not even the latest security technologies can fully substitute physical security – a human being physically present. When developing security technologies, it is therefore crucial to take into account the ability to mutually complement technology and human work.

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