According to the terms of Section 81 of the Employment Act, employers with more than 25 employees are obliged to employ persons with disabilities in the amount of the mandatory ratio of such persons to the total number of employees of the employer. The mandatory ratio is 4%. The number of employees is calculated in average converted number, the calculation is set out in the Implementing Decree No 518/2004 Coll.


How can you meet the alternative fulfilment in 2024?

By purchasing services and products from companies that employ PWD workers, you will both support their work and achieve tax savings in the form of the alternative fulfilment. We recommend the services of our subsidiary company D.I.SEVEN FACILITY s.r.o. for the alternative fulfilment

The mandatory ratio of PWD employers can be met in one or a combination of the following three ways:

Náhradní plnění - D.I.SEVEN

Employ directly a PWD at your company

Náhradní plnění - D.I.SEVEN

Order services as part of the alternative fulfilment 

Náhradní plnění - D.I.SEVEN

Pay state levies 

How can you meet the obligatory ratio of PWD via the alternative fulfilment?

Alternative fulfilment is the optimal way to meet the share of PWD employees mandatory for all private and public companies with 25 or more employees.

For 2023, the average salary for Q1 to Q3 has been announced by the Czech Statistical Office at CZK 42 427. It is this value that is assumed for the 2024 alternative fulfilment.

The calculator of the alternative fulfilment provides an indicative value for the alternative fulfilment for 2023. You can already now calculate how much you will save in 2024.

Calculator of the alternative fulfilment in 2024 - Alternative fulfilment calculator

Weprovide alternative fulfilment

The services that we can provide to your company as an alternative fulfilment, such as security services, cleaning services, protection of persons and property, will help to ensure the smooth operation of your company. The costs invested in this way are more efficiently spent compared to a levy on the state budget.

As we employ more than 50% PWD employees, we provide support activities under the alternative fulfilment. Each company handles cleaning, security, maintenance or office management on a daily basis. Such activities not only require funding for payrolls, but also involve dealing with administration, HR and above all require time. Time is precious nowadays, and thanks to outsourcing of support services, you can dedicate it to the core of your business.

Ourservices for you

Services such as office cleaning, reception services, gatehouse security, building management and maintenance are services that support the smooth running and operation of organisations. These services are tailored to suit your needs, so there will be no disruption to your organisation's operations.

Benefitsof alternative fulfilment

By ordering services for Alternative Fulfilment 2024 early, you will meet your mandatory ratio of PWD employees in a worry-free manner.

By doing so, you will also save a significant amount of money that you would have had to pay to the state without any benefit if you don't employ PWD.

With alternative fulfilment, you will get quality professional services to support the optimal running and operation of your organisation.

What happens if a company doesn't meet the mandatory ratio?

What happens if a company doesn't meet the mandatory ratio?
If the employer fails to meet the mandatory ratio, the state can penalise the employer with a fine of up to CZK 1,000,000. The competent labour offices and labour inspectorates are responsible for monitoring the employment of disabled persons and the alternative fulfilment.

Whyservices from us

By subscribing to our services, you will meet the mandatory share and receive useful support services suitable for a company operating in any type of business.

We operate countrywide

We have an established network of regional offices, well-developed functional processes and capable regional leadership. We can meet your requirements quickly and to your satisfaction.

A reliable partner

We have been operating on the Czech market since 1995. We are aware of our social responsibility and help the needy with CZK 4,300,000 every year. We are environmentally friendly, which is why we have been awarded the "Ecological Company" certificate.

Own equipment

Our company has its own equipment, such as TCS cleaning machines, so you don't have to worry about service and repairs. Our employees always work only with professional equipment and are provided with quality work attire.

Records from the customer's perspective

After the supplier enters the details of the service or the order purchased, the customer receives an automatically generated confirmation e-mail. They will only receive this email if the supplier has provided a contact email for the customer. The email contains a link to the ENP application. If the buyers want to view the documents registered in their name and approve them if necessary, they have to register in the application.

The first login to the alternative fulfilment register in the framework of the unified portal solution for labour and social affairs is related to the possibility of assigning the authorisation for entering invoices and editing data in the alternative fulfilment register application to a person other than the owner of the alternative fulfilment. In this context, the owner is the representative of the supplier/customer whose ID number or registration number appears on the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs or in the data box and is identical to the supplier/customer's data in the alternative fulfilment register. The owner will log in and register on the new portal first. Only afterwards can he/she enter the authorised persons.

More information and the procedure for securing registration can be found on the MLSA portal.

Howto get started and sort everything out in time

  • Choose the services that will be useful for your company. Services can be combined to create a practical package. Contact us and let us create a tailor-made plan for your alternative fulfillment.
  • Our regional sales staff will introduce our services to you and recommend tailor-made solutions based on their experience. We will also be happy to present you our regional references - everything at your company, no need to go anywhere.
  • Use the Calculator of Alternative Fulfilment to find out how much you need to take in services to resolve the PWD's mandatory quota within the alternative fulfilment.
  • We will contractually agree on the services to be provided as a alternative fulfilment.
  • At the end of each year, the average salary for quarters 1 to 3 of that year is announced, which determines the amount of the alternative fulfilment. After the current recalculation, order more services or meet the state levy (a combination of meeting the mandatory ratio).
  • We will take care of the administration for you. There is only one form for you.
  • By 15 February of the following year, you must submit the form to the relevant employment office stating that you have fulfilled the mandatory ratio.

Waysof administration

  • Sending a document with a qualified electronic signature
  • Sending via data box
  • Submitting the form in paper form to the relevant employment office.

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