We dress our employees into representative suits and uniforms

We dress all our employees! And we dress them in presentable suits or work uniforms. At the client's request, our employees can also work in civilian clothes. We provide security and cleaning services in the entire Czech Republic. We secure prestigious events such as Rock for People, MotoGP in Brno or the IFF Karlovy Vary.

IFF Karlovy Vary

You might have noticed the security guards with orange shirts and striped ties this year. It was these professionals who ensured the smooth running of the international film festival and the safety of more than 100,000 visitors.

Typesof dress


Seasonal dress

We dress our employees according to the season. While in summer we focus on comfort, in winter we are primarily concerned with protection from the cold.


Formal dress code

Some occasions call for a more formal appearance. We also adapt our employees' clothing to this.


Cleaning outfits

Our cleaning staff also wears decent uniforms. We want to make them feel comfortable in their profession.

Uniformsby D.I.SEVEN

Bezpečnostní agentura - D.I.SEVEN

Bezpečnostní agentura - D.I.SEVEN - poskytuje náhradní plnění

Security guard (physical security)

The uniform consists of black "pocket" trousers, an orange shirt with our logo and half-boots or black combat boots.

The worker may use a black jacket, sweater, belt and also a cap as needed.

We have an option for summer and winter.

Each security guard has an agency identification card.

Pracovník recepce - D.I.SEVEN


The ladies' formal uniform consists of a ladies' suit, black ladies' shoes and an orange blouse with a formal waistcoat.

Each member of staff has an agency ID card.

Uniforma pracovníka ostrahy D.I.SEVEN

Security guard (event security)

The men's formal uniform consists of a black formal suit, an orange shirt with tie, a formal waistcoat, a belt and black half-boots.

Each member of staff has an agency ID card.

Note: The photo shows the bodyguard's uniform along with the local manager's suit.

Pracovník úklidu uniforma D.I.SEVEN

Cleaning Staff

Cleaning staff is dressed in black trousers and orange polo shirts. They use work boots and a black tie apron for their work.

Pracovník zásahové skupiny uniforma D.I.SEVEN

Task force team worker

Members of the task force team dress in black "pocket" trousers, a black T-shirt, a tactical vest and black canvas shoes.

A black jacket, belt, and cap may be used as needed.

We have options for summer and winter.

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