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Event security

We ensure the smooth running and security events at a high level. In addition to cleaning, security of homes and buildings, cleaning buildings, and security of persons and property, D.I.SEVEN, a.s. also engages in security of events. We also offer organization services. Our agency provided this service at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, and the music festival Rock for People.

Our customers’ satisfaction is our main priority. We offer customised services and never cease to look for a way to improve the quality of our services and lower the costs of your expenses.

Event security and organization services at the KVIFF

One of the biggest cultural events where D.I.SEVEN, a.s. provides its security and organization services, is the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. D.I.SEVEN, a.s. has provided its services at this big cultural event since the year 2004. Therefore, D.I.SEVEN, a.s. has serviced at a number of KVIFFs. The task of D.I.SEVEN, a.s. at the KVIFF is to ensure security and organization services, whose aim is to check and possibly prevent vehicles to enter or exit given areas, check persons before letting them into given areas, control the behavior of persons in the given area, whose aim is to prevent disorderly conduct, physical violence, or damage to property of other visitors, or the equipment of the KVIFF organizers.



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