VIDEO: Cleaning services in practice

Clean rooms and lobby

Our team will make sure that the cleaning workflow suits your schedule and operations. We will take into account all your requirements, needs and wishes. We will ensure that the hotels and guesthouses are cleaned reliably and professionally so that your guests will always be happy to come back.

Our employees carry out their work in decent uniforms. Thanks to a well-coordinated team and own machinery by Hako, you will no longer have to worry about recruiting staff, retaining them or about the servicing and repairing of the cleaning machines. During our work, we use cleaning products that are environmentally friendly. We are proud holders of the "Eco-friendly company" logo.

Wefollow strict rules

We guarantee that your rooms and common areas will always be cleaned to the highest standard. We pay attention to details and we care above all about the perfect results of our work and your satisfaction.

  • We will take care of both the provision of competent cleaning staff and the entire administrative agenda associated with it, the top cleaning service and the completion of the hygiene program.

Whatdoes the daily cleaning look like?

Room cleaning in hotels and guesthouses usually includes the following daily cleaning tasks:

  • Exchange of bed linen, towels for clean ones
  • Complete bathroom cleaning and mirror polishing
  • Replenishment of toiletries and hygiene products
  • Dusting, furniture and equipment dust treatment
  • Waste removal
  • Ensuring cleanliness to the hotel standard

Cleaningof common areas

In order to keep your hotel and guesthouse shining with cleanliness and good order, we provide you with both daily cleaning of rooms and regular cleaning of common areas, which includes, for example, the following specific cleaning work:

  • Window cleaning
  • Garage cleaning
  • Washing and cleaning of facades, high-rise cleaning of inaccessible places using climbing equipment
  • Treatment of hard surfaces with polymer waxes
  • Cleaning of vertical and horizontal blinds
  • Extraction carpet cleaning or dry cleaning

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