Services for complete facility management of buildings according to your needs, in order to optimize your costs. Technical management of facilities and buildings to optimize costs associated with repair investments, energy consumption and technologies.

D.I.SEVEN has provided services to clients since the year 1995. One of the services provided istechnical management of buildings and real estate (or Facility Management, Property Management, and Energy Management), to optimize costs associated with repair investments, energy consumption, technology management, etc. Within the framework of Facility Management and Property Management D.I.SEVEN provides the service of representing clients toward third parties, passportization of buildings and equipment, repairs of buildings and technological equipment, project documentation management, contract administration, inspection and consulting, management and removal of guarantee faults, optimization of operating costs, regular reporting, FP and HSE, measures against emergencies, ecological waste disposal. All business relationships are based on trust with the support of our professional team.

Scopeof Facility and Property management

  • Operation, maintenance, and service of technological equipment - ensuring operational maintenance of the building and technical equipment, maintenance of end devices of health installations and lighting, prevention and inspection work of construction parts of the building in order prevent failures, energy consumption readings - evaluating derogations to detect possible hidden defects, inspection of the state and function of technical equipment, maintenance of technical equipment, inspection of construction/technical sections
  • Warranty and post-warranty maintenance - representing clients when dealing with third parties, evaluation of maintenance services in a quality-price relation, tenders
  • Revisal, expert technical inspections - providing revisals according to valid regulations and standards (e.g. electricity, elevators, appliances, etc.), providing expert technical inspections according to the manufacturer's recommendations
  • Remote monitoring - connection of buildings to the system of measurement and control, remote defect catching, error report in case of disruption of system EPS, EZS, MaR, option of remote setting of operation values
  • Emergency service - continuous emergency service, which prevents further damage to property in case of an accident, and removes the defect according to the possibilities
    FP and HSE work - inspection by a fire technician, PH and HP revisal
  • Regular reporting - summary of events for a certain period, evaluation
  • Budget - annual draw up of an investment and repair plan
  • Management of key economy - key economy record, general key system

Orientationof real property and building administration

  • Commercial buildings (administration buildings, hotels, shopping centres, building administration, etc.)
  • Housing objects (residences, apartment blocks)
  • Industrial objects

Complementaryservices of facility management

Complementary services of Facility Management, Property Management, and technical maintenance of buildings and real estate, include care of greenery, management of storage economy, cleaning services, building security, providing office supplies, IT engineering, central registry of correspondence, supplying, reporting.


Company D.I.SEVEN within the scope of property and buildings management provides NON STOP service to its consumers, whereon they may telephone call in case of emergency.

Targetsand responsabilities

  • To find optimal running of the object
  • To escalate the value of real property through own activities
  • Professional approach
  • Satisfy the customer according to terms of "our consumer, our mister"
  • Expending and improvement of service quality
  • Republic-wide expansion on the market

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