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Complex property management

We offer a full service while managing buildings and properties. Our aim is to optimise expenses on energy, management and maintenance of technical equipment or necessary repairs. We provide all the necessary administrative economical services, as well as commercial processes that relate to property ownership and property management.

We provide complex and tailor-made services to our clients. We process operating rules, keep project and operating documentation, as well contract agenda according to the valid legislation. We also offer controlling and consultancy activities, trainings in work and fire safety and we are able to provide ecological waste disposal. We also offer complementary fulfilment to our clients.

7 types of buildings that we take care of

Realestate management and everything that goes with it

A full-service real estate management is provided as part of the Facility Management and Property Management. We manage supply chains, technical and energy building management, security, cleaning, as well as asset management in administrative and accounting. We run revisions of technical equipment and make sure that deadlines and the latest legislative regulations are adhered to. You are going to obtain regular reports on all types of services, so that you have the entire building management under control.

Objects falling under our real estate management and building maintenance

In terms of the facility management, we focus mainly on these kind of buildings:

  • administrative and state-owned buildings
  • industrial premises
  • commercial buildings (hotels, retail, cultural, entertainment, sport centers)
  • residential building (residences, apartments)

Facility management and property management scope

Complex real estate management, asset management and building maintenance encapsulate the following services:

Building management and maintenance

  • technical management of building
  • maintenance of technical equipment
  • revisions and servicing in accordance to the latest legislation
  • audit planning
  • post-warranty servicing and maintenance
  • emergency service (arrival guaranteed)
  • professional technical inspections
  • passporting of technical equipment
  • energy management
  • warehouse management
  • waste management

Asset management

  • development of operating rules
  • developing and keeping documentation on technical equipment
  • processing and upkeeping of key management
  • legislative audits and trainings on occupational safety and health
  • representing client in dealings with third parties
  • accounting
  • administrative management
  • it technic operation
  • real estate operation
  • cost optimisation

Further infrastructure services can be utilised, in order to support the optimal functioning of your company:

  • building security
  • reception services
  • alarm response center (ARC)
  • indoor and outdoor cleaning services
  • replenishing of hygienic program
  • groundskeeping

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