D.I.SEVEN has been engaged in security, organization and cleaning services since 1995; we provide these services to our customers in all areas of the Czech Republic.

Ourcompany's primary goals

  • In all activities of D.I.SEVEN we want to keep a friendly approach, and be a recognized and trusted business partner,
  • To improve the implemented quality system according to the standards of ISO.
  • To be different in our behavior, communication, and marketing.
  • To further improve the methodology of traning and procedures in all areas of our work.
  • To increase the prevention of risks and damages.

Ourcompany's primary strategies

  • In order to meet our goals, we want to work with certified, recognized, major suppliers.
  • The potential of our market is huge; our main strategy is to build the development of D.I.SEVEN on solid foundations of trust and professionality.
  • To operate our regional agencies effectively, and ensure adequate material equipment and staff.
  • To constantly work actively on the development of the methodology of services and management
  • To care for the environment.

Ouruniforms and clothing

Uniforms and clothing of individual employees


Uniformy D.I.SEVEN