D.I.SEVEN has been engaged in security, organization and cleaning services since 1995. We provide services to our customers in all areas of the Czech Republic. Are you interested in our history? Do you want more official information?

7reasons for your satisfaction


You and your needs

Every customer has his own needs, that is the reason why we thoroughly evaluate the client's situation.


Tailor-made solutions

We propose a solutions tailored to your needs. For some of our customers we create brilliantly clean work environment, for other we provide a maximum security of their buildings and property.


Security – modern technologies and well-trained employees

Based on the “Security Evaluation” we can suggest an optimal combination of physical security, mechanical barriers and electrotechnical systems. Electronical systems rank among the most efficient tools that prevent security risks and form a part of a complex security system whose main point is physical security. We were three when we started, but now we have 2057 professionally trained employees. No technology can substitute thoroughly trained staff.


Cleaning – professional service and well-trained employees

Our well-trained employees know exactly how to maintain clean and representative environment. For cleaning we use only environmentally friendly detergents, modern cleaning tools and advanced technology. Thanks to the sufficient number of our employees we can provide cleaning services in a reliable continuity. We have our own equipment and thus can save your money for its acquisition and maintenance.


Guarantees of quality

Perfect reporting for you and the manager of the building. Thanks to the receipt of security reports, you will always have a clear overview of the patrols and a full knowledge of whether it is executed according to the agreed processes. In addition, ARC also records and solves any deviations from the usual guard’s progress in real time. Read more about our quarantees.


Our clients

We are proud that our clients cooperate with us on a long-term basis. Our services are used by hundreds of companies in the Czech Republic. A team of more than 2057 is ensuring the best quality services.


A trustworthy partner

Support and social responsibility
We support those in need with a sum exceeding 5 600 000 CZK (219 085 Euros) per year. During our existence we have supported many various projects and events.

We are environmentally friendly
We hold an Environment Billing Certification and use products that are environmentally friendly.

We are fair
We follow the Code of Ethics of the Czech Chamber of Commerce.

Wedo our work properly

Our customers’ satisfaction is our main priority. We offer customised services and never cease to look for a way to improve the quality of our services and lower the costs of your expenses.

Ourcompany's primary goals

  • In all activities of D.I.SEVEN we want to keep a friendly approach, and be a recognized and trusted business partner,
  • To improve the implemented quality system according to the standards of ISO.
  • To be different in our behavior, communication, and marketing.
  • To further improve the methodology of traning and procedures in all areas of our work.
  • To increase the prevention of risks and damages.

Ourcompany's primary strategies

  • In order to meet our goals, we want to work with certified, recognized, major suppliers.
  • The potential of our market is huge; our main strategy is to build the development of D.I.SEVEN on solid foundations of trust and professionality.
  • To operate our regional agencies effectively, and ensure adequate material equipment and staff.
  • To constantly work actively on the development of the methodology of services and management
  • To care for the environment.

Ouruniforms and clothing

Ochrana osob a majetku D.I.SEVEN

Kombinace fyzické ostrahy, mechanických zábran a elektronických systémů D.I.SEVEN

Zásahová skupina D.I.SEVEN

Vůz zásahové skupiny D.I.SEVEN

Úklid - reprezentativní prostředí D.I.SEVEN

Pracovníci úklidu D.I.SEVEN

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