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What is complementary fulfilment?

Complementary fulfilment is an optimal way to satisfy the mandatory ratio for all state-owned and private-owned companies with 25 employees or more. Complementary fulfilment can be carried out in cooperation with a company that employs more than 50% of people with disabilities. Complementary fulfilment is calculated based on the gross monthly salary in the I. - III. quarter of the respective year. Complementary fulfilment for 2020 will be determined at the year end. 

Complementary fulfilment from D.I.SEVEN

For the complimentary fulfilment, we recommend the services of our subsidiary company D.I.SEVEN FACILITY s.r.o.. It has rich experience in employing people with disabilities and their share exceeds fifty percent, which is the legal condition required for providing complementary fulfilment.

7 reasons of why to choose complementary fulfilment from D.I.SEVEN



Choose services that will be beneficial for your company. The services can be combined and convenient packages can be thus created. Contact us and we will offer a tailor-made complementary fulfilment plan 


The volume of provided services for complementary fulfilment is regulated by the state at the 36th multiple of the gross monthly salary of the previous year. Make sure that you secure our services timely, in order to place the complementary fulfilment clause into a contract.


Any reliable provider of complementary fulfilment must keep diligent documentation on supplying services for complementary fulfilment. Feel free to ask us for this documentation.


An average salary for I. - III. quarter is announced at the end of each year and it determines the level of complementary fulfilment. After the recalculation, you can either order further services or fulfil your obligations in the form of state levies.


We will take care of all the administration. We will make timely records in the central register of how is the mandatory ratio fulfilled. Therefore, the only outstanding item the client has, is to announce the fulfilment of the mandatory ratio until 15.2.

Servicesprovided as part of the complementary fulfilment

Order services as part of the complementary fulfilment according to your requirements. Choose from the individual services or create a package tailor-made to your needs. We have prepared a document that contains everything you need to know about complementary fulfilment.

  • Physical security of buildings
  • Active Track - patrolling system
  • Protection of personnel and possessions
  • Remote monitoring (ARC)
  • Electronic security system Videofied
  • Organising services
  • Cleaning services
  • Hygienic and cleaning plan
  • Plant care and snow removal
  • Facility management
  • Property management
  • Energy management (cost optimisation)

Watchout for the limit!

The volume of provided services or goods for complementary fulfilment is limited from 1. 1. 2012. The provider can offer services for one PWD to up to a 36th multiple of the previous year average salary.

Based on this limit, we strongly recommend to complete your claim for complementary fulfilment as soon as possible and order the services on time. This way, you make sure that it is still possible to draw the volume of provided services as part of complementary fulfilment in 2021. 

The calculation is currently valid for 2020 with an average salary of CZK 34,611,-. An exact calculation for 2021 will be known at the end of 2021, which is when the Czech Statistical Office announces an average monthly salary for I. - III. quarter of 2021.

An average monthly salary for 2020 is already known and we can thus easily calculate:


The volume of the services provided as part of complementary fulfilment per 1 PWD:

 36 x 34 611 CZK = 1 245 996 CZK

Howto comply with the mandatory ratio of PWD?

Should the nature of your business prevent you from employing persons with disabilities, there are only two possibilities, in order to fulfil the mandatory ratio. As opposed to handing in money in the form of state levies, you are going to gain useful services when subscribing for complementary fulfilment. This way, you can be sure that your funds are used effectively. At the same time, you will indirectly support the creation of job positions for persons with disabilities.


To directly employ a PWD in your company 


Order services as part of the complementary fulfilment 


State levies 

Announcementof fulfilling the mandatory ratio

In relation to introducing a register of complementary fulfilment, the client is mandated to provide data on complementary fulfilment within the announcement where compliance with the mandatory ratio is stated. The clients will, therefore, in the same way as until now, report to the Employment Office of Czech Republic whether or not the mandatory ratio was fulfilled and if so, in what way. This report is to be submitted via a special form to the Employment Office by 15.2. However, specific information on supplies of individual services will not be required, as these information will be included in the electronic register. The data are entered into the register by our company.

Complementaryfulfilment - our recommendation


MANDATORY RATIO of persons with disabilities (PWD): Companies with 25+ employees

Mandatory ratio can be fulfilled in following ways or their combinations.

4% employment of PWD

Usage of services as part of the complementary fulfilment for 1 PWD:

 7 x 34 611 CZK = 242 277 CZK

State levy for 1 PWD:

2,5 x 34 611 CZK = 86 527,5 CZK


Calculate how much you save

You can easily calculate how much you save on levies by using our complementary fulfilment calculator.

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Enter inquiries or order your company services provided by D.I.SEVEN FACILITYto comply with the mandatory PWD ratio.


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