VIDEO: Cleaning services in practice

We clean shopping and sport centres

We provide cleaning services at a professional level by our trained staff. You can be sure that the cleaning in commercial premises or in the company will be carried out with care, reliability, quality, in the full range of the required demands on the cleaning of companies and commercial premises.

We have a large team of staff that we are proud of. Our employees perform the cleaning work within the time requirements. We provide cleaning services for companies and commercial premises all over the Czech Republic.

We are here to save your time and worries with arranging and managing the cleaning at your premises.


Whychoose D.I.SEVEN?

  • We are able to take the worry of recruitment, administration, cleaning management, motivation and retention of quality staff off your shoulders to ensure the cleaning of your premises.
  • Staff are always available to substitude each other in case of illness. This ensures that the cleaning service is provided with the required continuity. We maintain regularity and professionalism in our work.
  • Simply choose the region in which you need us and we will provide regular or emergency cleaning to suit your exact requirements.

Wefollow strict rules

  • We manage the complete cleaning of companies and commercial premises ourselves to save your time with managing the cleaning. Just let the cleaning on us. We'll do it all for you.
  • You won't have to deal with the extensive paperwork related to staff employment, payroll, tax payments, processing and tracking holiday entitlements, not to mention things like fixing a broken vacuum cleaner etc.
  • We are actively involved in the employment of PWDs and therefore we can also provide you with complimentary fullfilment as part of our services.
  • Our cleaning schedule and timings are followed with the required regularity and quality to ensure you don't have to interfere.
  • The high standard of our cleaning services is maintained permanently, not decreasing after the initial months of cooperation.
  • Quality consumables are delivered regularly and on time and replenished reliably.
  • We welcome and do not neglect the comments of our Clients. We react to them promptly.

Wecare about Your business image and satisfaction

Our corporate cleaning staff wear work cleaning uniforms to maintain the elegance, professionalism and image of your environment. Here you can take a look at the uniforms and dress code of our employees.

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