Effective solution for smoother operation at gatehouses and receptions

It is a system for supporting the security service workers at the building, the property and the guards at the entrance to the building.

The electronic gatehouse is a unique information system that digitally stores important paper documents and simplifies work processes at concierges and reception desks.

  • electronic registration system of the gatehouse operation
  • autonomous system independent of the client´s systems
  • the data is safe in transmission and storage

7 reasons to use the electronic gatehouse system

  • Digitising and using modern technology, an innovative approach to corporate governance
  • Building a brand, making your image more attractive for clients and partners
  • Better quality of caring about the visitors
  • Increased work efficiency and faster check-in at the gatehouse/reception
  • Better awareness and control over the course of actions at the gatehouse or reception in real time
  • Safely stored data, access to the system at any time and from anywhere
  • No more unnecessary "paperwork" and document storage

Elektronická vrátnice

Here, you can download the presentation material about the unique electronic gatehouse system: Electronic gatehouse

VIDEO: Electronic gatehouse system

Main functions of the evidence system

Elektronická vrátnice - Bezpečnostní služby - D.I.SEVEN

How does the electronic gatehouse work?

Our concierge or receptionist performs the standard work tasks using a tablet or a smart phone and the electronic gatehouse application.

Thanks to the intuitive operation, it simply records the registration of visitors, key handovers, emergencies or the handover of service duty to a colleague.

  • Simple operation
  • Ability to take photos and store them directly in the system
  • Overview of the gatehouse/reception operation in a few clicks
  • Faster visitor check-in and request handling
  • Increased efficiency in the performance of service duties

Access to the system

The electronic gatehouse system operates via website interface – it is accessible from a computer, tablet or smart phone.

The e-gate app can be accessed by persons according to the granted user rights:

  • Managers
  • Security guards/gate keepers/receptionists
  • Customers

Security of data and their transfer

SSL/TLS Certificates
Using the SSL/TLS certificates, the communication between the tablet and the server is encrypted and thus cannot be monitored or modified along the way. This ensures that the data transmitted to the server cannot be accessed by unauthorised third parties.

At the same time, using HTTPS ensures that no unrequested content or harmful code is inserted into the system.

Physical safety of data
Data is stored on servers in the data centre. Physical and technical security of the premises and data backup is ensured.

Device authorisation
A user with “gatekeeper” access rights can log into the system only on an “authorised device”. With the “gatekeeper” access rights, the system cannot be launched on an “unauthorised device”. 

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