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In guarded premises, the security workers perform all the safety measures that are intended to prevent safety risks and personal injuries, property damages and subsequent financial losses.

We will adapt the regime precautions based on your requests so that we provide the highest standard of the security service and, at the same time, so that we limit you to the least amount possible.

  • Building security by professionals from the D.I.SEVEN, a.s. safety agency – that is your peace and safety!
  • Our safety agency cares about every detail of the security service when guarding buildings and persons and leaves nothing to chance.
  • After evaluating specific security risks, we will create a targeted strategy for physical security of the building.


Fyzická ostraha majetku - D.I.SEVEN - poskytuje náhradní plnění


We will prepare a plan for performing security service at exactly your premises because each locality has different safety demands. An option to choose the frequency of patrol rounds done by the guards and their disguise while providing the service is a matter of course. In our work, we cooperate with the Police of the Czech Republic, too.

  • Our employees can guard your premises nonstop 24 hours a day in shifts, at given times or in the form of irregular patrol rounds and checks by the mobile guard.
  • Expert knowledge of our guards necessary to handle critical situations, such as disabling an offender or securing the crime scene until the Police of the Czech Republic arrives, are a matter of course.
  • Our building security services is provided in uniforms. Upon the client´s request or based on the type of the building, our service can be performed in civilian clothes, too.

DUTIESof the security

Our building security guards´ duties include but are not limited to:

  • Guarding at entrances into buildings and inside them (security)
  • Preventing unauthorised people from entering
  • Checking and preventing persons from entering with unauthorised objects
  • Assessing suspicious persons, preventing thefts and vandalism
  • Gatekeeping and reception services
  • Recording information about vehicles that drive in and out
  • Monitoring of security cameras
  • Making patrol rounds at the premises (checking the fences, etc.)
  • Guarding of premises by dog handlers with trained dogs

Active Track – a different level of safety

  • Active track is a patrol system upgraded by the D.I.SEVEN safety agency that improves the quality of security services. It differs from other patrol systems in the fact that the device communicates directly with the ARC, which is an advantage for many reasons.
  • The ARC operator is aware of the course of actions during security service shifts in real time.
  • Other benefits include the ability to start the alarm by clicking a single button or the MANDOWN function that can save human lives. Read more about this patrol system.

Patrol system – online monitoring

  • The D.I.SEVEN, a.s. security agency uses the patrol rounds monitoring system when it comes to guarding buildings. The patrol rounds done by guards may take place according to the agreed scenario – so called patrol route plan. Several checkpoints will be created in the guarded area, through which the guards must pass. Our unique control mechanism constantly monitors the movement of guards and sends the collected data to the server. The capacity of this data is in fact unlimited.
  • In real time, it is recorded when and where the patrol is currently moving and should it deviate from the patrol route plan, you will be automatically notified by SMS or e-mail.

However, you can also secure your building remotely using electronic security technology and its connection to the CSO (central security desk) which constantly monitors the security status of the building.

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