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Modern technologies and well-trained employees

Our security agency, with a strong background, and a nationwide and foreign field of work, can offer you all professional services related to the security of your administrative, industrial, and private buildings throughout the country. Our physical security provides comprehensive protection of persons, property and buildings.

Based on the “Security Evaluation” we can suggest an optimal combination of physical security, mechanical barriers and electrotechnical systems. Electronical systems rank among the most efficient tools that prevent security risks and form a part of a complex security system whose main point is physical security. We were three when we started, but now we have 2057 professionally trained employees. No technology can substitute thoroughly trained staff.

Widechoice of security services

Security services include physical security, concierge services, and the possibility to connect to the Alarm receiving centre (ARC). With this service your building will be continuously monitored, and in the event of its disruption a ARC unit will drive out immediately.

Active Track – Modern patrolling system

Active Track is a modern patrolling system, which was adjusted by the security agency D.I.SEVEN. It differs from other patrolling systems in the way the sensors communicate directly with the ARC system operator. As such, they can monitor the progress of physical patrolling in real time

We built our own ARC

One of the most modern alarm response centres in Europe. Well-trained operators are constantly evaluating data sent to the ARC from the security systems. They respond instantly in case of any unusual occurrence. Remote monitoring in combination with well-trained staff will secure your property 24/7.

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