We provide day and night reception services especially in office buildings and gatehouses of large areas, and we offer complex services related to managing the reception. Our reception service can be provided by both our security guards, or our specialists who are knowledgeable in foreign languages.

All of our reception service employees are friendly, smiling and always alert.


A quality reception service is helpful, accommodating and it represents the building itself. The core duties of the reception staff include:

  • Information service for anyone in the building
  • Telephone exchange operation
  • Reporting and recording visits in the guestbook
  • Handing over and taking back keys from the client´s employees
  • Receiving and delivering incoming post to their addressees


Night shifts and patrols

The reception service can also be provided at night and it can be combined with regular inspection patrols in the building carried out in accordance with the building directive.

Services at the gatehouse

Security workers at the gatehouse can secure the entrance to the building, regularly check the cars driving in and out, monitor security camera footage, keep records in the book of arrivals and departures, etc.


Regular patrol rounds of the physical security at the premises or the building are constantly monitored by a chip patrol system, a statement of which will be regularly available to you.

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