VIDEO: Cleaning services in practice

We specialize in cleaning of large areas

Industrial cleaning varies depending on the type of industry, which determines the appropriate equipment, cleaning tools and cleaning materials.

Whether it is light or heavy industry, cleaning in such premises will only be guaranteed if you use the services of professionals for this specific cleaning service.

Our company D.I.SEVEN has top-quality cleaning machines of the HAKO brand. In particular, we have Scrubmaster B 45 and Scrubmaster B 70 machines. Our cleaning machines are always serviced and ready for even the most demanding cleaning.

Motivateyour staff with good order

Industrial production is a hard work, generating unwanted waste, dust and dirt. D.I.SEVEN focuses on maintaining pleasant working conditions and on professional cleaning.

We can provide you with regular or occasional cleaning that pays off. The cleaning service can be taken as a complementary fulfilment and thus you can fulfill the mandatory share of the persons with disabilitites (PWD). In this way you save on state levies and get useful services.

Create a healthy working environment for your employees with our cleaning services, their gratitude will come back to you also through well invested money.

Cleaning exactly as you wish

With respect to your operation, shifts and specific needs, we will adapt the cleaning of industrial premises in order to ensure that the final effect meets all your expectations.

We also think about your business image, so we make sure that the cleaned area makes a positive impression on your customers and clients.

  • Cleaning of floor coverings
  • Large-scale cleaning using machine technology
  • Cleaning and maintenance of driveways and nearby surroundings
  • Window cleaning, facade cleaning and dust removal
  • Maintenance of green areas including adjacent roads

Why choose cleaning services from D.I.SEVEN?

  • We have a sufficient number of staff who are qualified to work with the cleaning machines that are used for large-scale cleaning. Take a look at the machines we use.
  • We can reliably provide cleaning of industrial areas anywhere in the Czech Republic, to the extent and frequency you require. Therefore, entrust the cleaning of your premises to professionals.

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