VIDEO: Cleaning services in practice

Clean common areas in any building

We will take care of regular or impact cleaning of common areas, we will consider the time possibilities of your operation and we will carry out cleaning work according to the agreement so that they do not disturb anyone, for example outside your working hours.

We will also be glad to provide cleaning during times when the common areas are used minimally or not at all.

Whereto apply cleaning of common areas?

Clean areas are the first impression for your customers when they visit, and they also guarantee that they will be happy to come back to you. Highly frequented places often struggle with clutter, which puts most people off their next visit. Book our cleaning services or other support services and give your business your full attention.

D.I.SEVEN can provide both occasional and regular cleaning according to your requirements, especially in the following areas:

  • Shopping centres and galleries
  • Cultural centres and institutions
  • Educational institutions and training centres
  • Sports halls
  • Office and administrative buildings
  • Exhibition spaces and halls
  • Bank institutions
  • Residential complexes

Cleaningservices for common areas

Depending on your requirements and wishes, we will include individual cleaning services in the cleaning of common areas or we will put together a complete cleaning service package for you.

Let us design a tailor-made package for you. We provide any of the above services separately, on an ad hoc or regular basis. We also provide superior cleaning services that we are happy to arrange for you, such as machine cleaning of swimming pools.

Our services:

  • Large-scale floor cleaning
  • Carpet hoovering and cleaning
  • Waxing of parquet floors
  • Dust removal and anti-dust treatment of furniture and equipment
  • Cleaning of bathrooms, sanitary facilities and kitchens
  • Replenishing hygiene and disinfection programs
  • Cleaning of windows and display cases
  • Cleaning of inaccessible areas using climbing equipment

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